Upcoming MatchReal Soccer vs Valencia/August 13, 2030 /Santiago Bernabéu Stadium


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Welcome to our cricket betting tips page!

Here we will post our latest match predictions and analysis on the upcoming cricket matches that are being played around the globe.

- and give you our betting tips as for who we think will be the most profitable to bet on based on the odds.

Our tips are exclusively written by professional cricket writers.

We try to get tips out 48 hours before the match is live, sometimes in hectic leagues that is not possible because we have to take into account the last games played by both teams before predicting anything.

All tips should be live at 24 hours before the match.

We will try to put out our predictions as quickly as possible and try to cover as many games as we can. However there are limited amount of time available to all of us here at TheBetCric.com and we won't be able to cover every game, but our production has been able to increase over the years as our team has grown. Expect to see more and more games being covered in the future!

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