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You've never bet on cricket online before, huh?

And you're not sure what to do or where to start?

Have no fear, we’re here to help you out. We’re going to hold your hand and guide you through the steps of creating a betting account, an ewallet and how to place your first cricket bet. Teaching you how to bet on cricket is very easy as you will soon learn.

You just need to make a couple of choices along the way and then we will show you how to do the rest.

So let's get started!

What are odds?

When you have created an account, funded it and have navigated yourself to a bet you like, then you might be staring at something like this:
Betway IPL Odds Fractional

Here you see information on the upcoming IPL 2017 game between the Gujarat Lions and Kolkata Knight Riders.

In addition you see two columns next to this information which say ‘1.72’ and ‘2.10’ respectively. These are the betting odds for this match and each team. The odds under the ‘1’ tab is the odds you get if you bet on the home team to win, in this case, Gujarat Lions. ‘2’ is thus the odds you get when you bet on the away team, Kolkata Knight Riders.

How betting odds work

When we talk about the odds you get, this means how much you stand to win if the bet you place wins.

For instance, if you place a $10 bet on Gujarat Lions to beat Kolkata Knight Riders, at 1.72 odds, you will get back $17.20 if they win, where $10 is your original bet and $7.20 is your winnings.

If you bet $10 on Kolkata Knight Riders with 2.10 odds to win, and they win, you will get back $21.00, $10 which is your original bet and $11.00 which is your winnings.

If you should lose either of the bets, you simply lose the $10 that you paid for the bet, regardless of the odds you placed it at.

So what you simply do determine how much you stand to win is to multiply how much you wish to wager, on the betting odds you get. We will show some more example in the table beneath:

Bet            Wager     Odds      Win     Net Win
                GL to win       $10      1.72     $17.20    $7.20
                KKR to win      $10      2.10     $21.00    $11.00
                WIndies to win  $14      2.75     $38.50    $24.50
                X to win        $56      9.00    $504.00   $448.00

When you're ready to bet, click on the wager you would like to make, then fill in the amount you wish to bet on that outcome and click confirm.